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We create engaging videos that
tell stories about your business

Brand Storytelling

Raw, honest, believable. The kind of video content you want to watch because the story is interesting.
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Behind the Scenes

Capturing authentic and human content to show the personality behind your brand.
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Social Content Packages

Establishing and growing your brand to a tailored audience.
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The written word can be so powerful. From a caption on a social media post to an email or brand positioning statement. Every. Word. Matters.
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Our Stories of Success

James and Nick were a joy to work with. They put our team of camera shy introverts completely at ease and made the process as pain free as possible. Human went on to deliver six high quality explainer vids for a new product release, and we’re thrilled with the results.



James’ creativity is matched by his understanding of business and he never loses sight of the objective, to make his clients money. He has enthusiasm in spades and has encouraged me to push the boundaries which has produced some amazing results.



Human come up with some great ideas, they really look at how to get a message across differently and innovatively. I sometimes just give a concept I want to achieve and they take the ball and run with it. Very professional and with all the deliverables you’d want but also great fun to be around with a contagious enthusiasm which helps everyone involved during a shoot.


Marketing Director

James came into our business just in time to bring about the “human” qualities we had been searching for but didn’t realise existed! He is one of life’s good guys, always there for you, always listening, always looking for ways to improve his service for the good of the company and to drive it forward in the right direction. He is reliable, kind and fun and can really cycle!


Sales & Marketing Director

Fresh, innovative, bold, courageous, smiley, smiley, nothing is too much trouble, proper work ethic.



Fresh ideas/viewpoints of what we do and the messages we want to convey…Their enthusiasm is contagious 😀😃




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