Our most powerful marketing tool

Telling brand stories

Since my early 20’s I’ve told stories to win new business, develop relationships and to engage audiences.



Often those stories were simply telling people what was going on behind the scenes in our company or stories of things we had done.



I was painting a picture I wanted them to see.



I was controlling the narrative of the brand I represented.



You see, the power of storytelling is that it brings a service or product to life.



It makes what you do relatable. It helps people understand by giving it context.



And well-told stories also evoke emotions which is what we want customers to feel towards what we do.



If you add in a strategy so you know why you are telling these stories, you have the basis of an effective marketing campaign.


How human differs

I believe in the power of human relationships.


Both as an effective way to grow sales in a business as well as bring the very best together to create effective work.


Over the years I have won most work from developing solid relationships. My approach to marketing is to support that process.

I have also sat on client side for much of my career looking at a P&L wondering where to save and where to invest. 


I didn’t want clients to have to pay for a huge office and loads of staff, so I have set Human up to be flexible.


Using the very best in the industry, I bring teams together, where needed, to support me to deliver campaigns. They include social media experts, photographers, videographers, editors, writers, developers and advertising specialists.

James Sandbrook - The Marketing Meetup

the marketing meetup

I also co-run themarketingmeetup.com which is a series of 120 events a year across a community of 12,000 marketers.


We arrange talks from the best in the industry, provide beer and pizza and distribute content online through podcasts, email and social media. The events are free, useful and brilliant fun.

business video


A unique style
Raw, honest, believable. The kind of video content you want to watch because the story is interesting. We’re not an expensive film production company, we’re storytellers.
digital strategy


It begins with ‘why?’
Telling stories strategically that matter to your audience is more likely to make an impact. This is why we start with strategy. Without a strategy, you’re just making noise.
content writing

written content

Often Overlooked

The written word can be so powerful. From a caption on a social media post to an email or brand positioning statement. Every. Word. Matters.

social media management

social & email

More Than Distribution
Too many brands look at social media and email as channels to broadcast from rather than delivering value to an audience they want to engage with. Good social media and email adds value.