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Why tell stories?

Storytelling brings a brand to life.

It makes what you do

People can relate to a story

It helps them understand what you do by giving it context.

And well-told stories evoke emotions which makes customers feel something towards what you do.

People also remember well-told stories. They rarely remember statistics.

Oh, and if you back this with a solid strategy (so you know why you are telling these stories), you have the basis of an effective marketing campaign.

Human does all of this through video, photography and written content and we then share it via social media and email. 

About Human

Who are we?

Human is headed up by James but is supported by a team of 5 regular trusted freelancers. The team work on a monthly basis for Human but who also work on other projects outside of the company. This external experience keeps the team fresh and diverse but also means we can scale up and back depending on the projects we are working on.

Collaboration - This is Human Content Marketing Services
The Marketing Meetup
About The Marketing Meetup

Positively Lovely

The Marketing Meetup was co-founded by Joe Glover and James Sandbrook. It is a community of nearly 30,000 marketers around the world that come together to learn, connect and do it all with kindness. From weekly webinars to in-person events and an online membership area, if you want to learn about marketing and connect with others, this is the place to do it!