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AAG Pearce is a family-owned grower and processor of root veg for many of Britain’s largest supermarkets. For years they had been producing crop reports so clients could understand what sort of stock quality to expect.

AG Pearce gave the supermarket clients a window into their world with some unexpected results.

However, a dry PDF document would only go so far.

So we headed out into the field and into the factory to give people a real insight into the challenges a grower and processor has on a day-to-day basis. This first video focused specifically on carrots; how they are lifted, what they look for, what the outlook for the season was.

We’re following up with everything from onions, butternut squash, sweet potato and tours of the factory.

Each of these videos has been shared on Linkedin and via email to their clients.

The feedback has been fantastic. People in the industry who sit behind a desk are able to understand the struggles farmers have and unexpectedly, Jack has even become an advisor to the BBC for when they need an expert in this area of farming since a reporter saw this video on Linkedin.

The goals we set and continue to achieve:

– To make a stronger connection with existing clients by having Jack as the face of the campaign
– Brand awareness in the market
– Make AGP an authority on root veg crops
– Manage supermarket expectations