Not another ‘New Years Resolution’ post 🙄

Goal setting for 2019, really? Is there any point? I say YES!

Where were you a year ago? Are you now more trusted, better connected, making more money, more knowledgeable?

I made goals in 2018. I failed some of them, I achieved others.

I started my own company which has been a goal for as long as I can remember but wasn’t on my list this year!

I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier. Procrastination can be a killer.

But now I am steering my own ship, goals seem a lot more important.

So how can you keep on track with your goals for 2019?

Have a clear vision of where you want to go

We don’t get in a car to go to the shops and end up in the middle of the Scottish Highlands wondering how we got there, so why make a new years resolution without knowing where you want to get to?

It is the same in business. Stop creating content ‘fluff’ with no direction, strategy, goal or purpose. Spend the time planning, stay the course and build to a goal.

Lower your expectations but make them uncomfortable too!

If you set a goal of tripling your revenue or bringing on 100 new customers, then you are likely to become despondent by the end of January when you haven’t even scratched the surface. Instead, have those as your end goals and make them uncomfortable, but then have 90day, 30day, even weekly goals which are waaaay more achievable. This kind of structure will give you a feeling of progress and reward you.


Don’t wait for January 1st. Start now, jump the gun, get ahead of your competition so when January comes you are already going. Starting is the hardest part.

Be an optimist

 Not delusional, but glass half full. An interesting thing happens when you are optimistic. You attract other optimists who want to do great things too. And then guess what, together you make things happen.

There will be a percentage of people in your organisation (and probably in your life) that will say your plans are unrealistic; they are the ‘naysayers’. Let them do their thing and surround themselves with other naysayers. You go do your thing.

Which reminds me, I need to go and set my own goals!

Have a great Christmas and New Year and thanks a bunch to everyone who has either spent money with Human to create things or has given valuable advice and support this adventure. It is never taken for granted and always appreciated.

All the best