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FFireward made the most of their biggest fans and let them do the talking.

It is a hot topic right now and for good reason. People are seeing the impact an individual can have on a brand and how many opportunities they can create through building an audience online.

Linkedin specifically, is no longer a place just for your CV, it has turned into Facebook. People moaned about this for a while but gradually the platform has become a place to follow journeys through video, slideshows, written content and images.

The platform is providing great reach organic reach at the moment, so if you are on that train, there is a good chance you are benefitting from this opportunity. The issue is that reach won’t last forever, so now is the time to act!
The reason Human content works

The reasons I think being more human promoting yourself as a brand works are:

– People can find out if you’re the kind of person they’ll like to work with
– People can see how you operate and what you are up to
– They can understand your values as a business
– They can probably see some of your work
– Even when it goes wrong it can help (See using outtakes post)

This means there is a large part of the decision making done before they even contact you.

I know I would say that being authentic and human is valuable but it’s not just a message I am peddling, the proof is there already. Look at people like Alan Barratt CEO of Grenade who gets incredible engagement and reach on his Linkedin posts sharing the journey of building his company.

So after asking Ash Jones of Great Influence to speak for us at in Manchester last month, I decided to list out some of the tips and things I took from his talk on personal branding.
Top Tips when building a personal brand online:

You are in control of the narrative. If you don’t post or tell people what you are doing, people will make their own mind up about you and your company.
You can build support on platforms like Linkedin which will help expose you to new opportunities. Your connections can introduce you to others simply by commenting on your post.
It is a great way to build trust with an audience as they feel like they are getting to know you.
It keeps you front of mind and a consistent touchpoint. So when someone is looking for a product or service you are selling, you have the chance to be part of the mix.
It works as PR by raising awareness and controlling the position, but it is unbiased as it is not paid for.
The owner/CEO is usually the most valuable marketing channel (B2B).
You can reach people in a personal way at scale.
We give more time to people than faceless brands. This is all about being human!
It is better to be infrequent than irrelevant. So don’t just post rubbish, think hard about what you want to say and how you want to say it and make sure you have a strategy!

If you need help building a personal brand or want to make your content more human, then 🙋‍♂️drop me a line!