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RRobertson Homes, Scotlands award-winning housebuilder, had a secret weapon no-one was talking about.

If you look at the housing market, there are very few builders that stand out. Most focus on the finished product which is understandable but simply talking about a physical product gives no depth to your brand. The other thing is throw offers and discounts. None of this evokes any emotion and only serves a customer at a superficial level.

When I met Robertson Homes, I quickly understood it wasn’t just bricks and mortar, it was about creating beautiful spaces for families and building communities. The team felt like a family, customers were treated like family and everyone pulls in the same direction from the floor fitter to the Sales & Marketing Director.

Above everything else, I felt they were honest and so an opportunity to lift the curtain on the brand seemed the logical one to follow.

Robertson Homes have an abundance of stories to tell which link back to their core values creating a journey people want to follow. We ensure honesty sits at the heart of it too. So if there are struggles on site (which there will be on every building site), we’re not brushing over them, we are owning them.

– Strategy
– Positioning
– Videography & Photography
– Social media

Here are just a couple of examples: