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Finding the right words for social media captions, emails, YouTube videos, and even the right hashtags can be a drain on resources.

It can also make a difference to how well or how much of your content is discovered.

When we write, we write to connect with people and to evoke emotions.

We’re not here to write a stale corporate statement for you, we’re here to help you be more…well, Human!

The Fold (for Future Foundry) was a 12 month weekly email project for corporate innovators – The result was building a very engaged niche audience and a huge amount of enquiries for their innovation services.

Writing for 40,000 marketers is nerve-wracking, but The Marketing Meetup community is positively lovely. Delivering value in a human tone of voice is at the core of this newsletter.

The Part Exchange Partnership – delivering market reports and insights for the new homes market. The result? More leads and way more visibility in the industry.

Email Client Testimonial

“James’ creativity is matched by his understanding of business and he never loses sight of the objective, to make his clients money. He has enthusiasm in spades and has encouraged me to push the boundaries which has produced some amazing results”

Can’t find the words? Get in touch.