Starting a Business is Scary!

JFDI (Just F’in do it)

If you haven’t listened to the insania that is Mills from UsTwo podcast, do yourself a favour and download it here. I love this guy. Not only did he encourage me to complete 100 pushups a day for 100 days, but his audio-juice is part of the reason I’ve taken the leap to start my own business. It is an itch that I’ve need to scratch nearly all my life.

The scratching has begun and it feels, well… liberating! (that sounded a bit gross, but you know what I mean).

On one of the final days at my old company (who were brilliant, wonderful people I may add), I took this photo outside of the offices in Shoreditch like one of the many tourists. Yes, I was and still am, completely and utterly scared, but I took this because I thought it’s ok to be scared, in fact, it is probably a good thing!

“Fortune favours the brave”

That was the next bit of advice that I was given. And then all of a sudden I was awash with people spouting great phrases like, “He who dares”, “You’ll never know if you don’t try”, “It takes courage to become who you really are” and “Sometimes you just gotta grab the Bull by the lemons” (I’m not sure if anyone actually said the last one).

I’ve also consumed far too much Gary Vaynerchuck content who talks about hearing elderly people regret not doing things rather than regretting trying them. So the chances of me regretting starting Human are slim… right?


I’ve always had really strong opinions on how businesses should behave; how you should treat customers and how delivering a good service, strangely, makes you stand out. I feel the same about suppliers too. I see them all as people and we have an opportunity to become someone who people actually like working with.

In my early career, I was taught it was 100% about the bottom right-hand corner, i.e. net profit. Well, I’m calling bull sh*t on that. I’ve seen too many companies fail chasing profits and cash. Don’t get me wrong, I am acutely aware that poor cash flow will kill a business overnight and that businesses aim to make healthy profits, but I think sustainable, solid growth doing great things along the way is how to grow a company. And besides, the very profitable company that I managed for so many years was built on relationships, I’m confident of that.


So this is a big one for me. I see people as the foundation of business. Great ideas, bravery, passion, opinion, they all come from people and they are the thing that makes the business not only tick but thrive.

My plan is to continually build my network of creatives that want to push to great things themselves. I’m also starting the Marketing Meetup Birmingham ( so who knows where this journey will lead; it’s properly exciting stuff!

I’m going to be open, I’m going to share the journey with whoever wants to listen, (thanks for reading this mum, it probably is just you and Auntie Kate reading this blog) because I believe deep down if I surround myself with good, ambitious, hungry people who want to do fun, creative and ambitious things, then this will work.


So, yes, it is scary to start a business. However, I genuinely feel that this is the time in my life I can do my greatest work. Creative freedom on a little brand of my own, working on campaigns for ambitious clients, surrounding myself with the best in the industry. The rest of my mind is overflowing with ideas and excitement; that isn’t fear, that is optimism, it’s just how you want to look at it.

Besides, it’s too late now, I’ve just posted this all over the internet so I’ve got to do it now!


As Mills said “JFDI”.


James – Peddler of ideas