The New World of Adventure

Unable to see the light

I’ve effectively transcribed this from some things I’ve seen online, so I won’t take credit for all the words, but if you have said this recently or agree with the quote, you need to read on.

“My customers aren’t on Instagram or Facebook… maybe they are on Linkedin”

I call Bull. Shit.

Fear of change

This is the exact same rationale that allowed Netflix to put Blockbuster out of business.

It is reported from a Blockbuster board meeting that they said:

“Our data shows people like coming to our stores…they like the experience of going to our stores because they like to be able to open and close and read the back of the DVD cases…they enjoy the serendipity of possibly running into their neighbour….they really liked picking up popcorn on the way out” 

Here’s the experience people really like — Laying naked in their bed and pressing one button to see a film.

It is time to act

We hold the past on a pedestal and we demonise the future, but in a world where we can get things on demand, within the hour or instantly, so many businesses are failing to wake up to the change that has already happened.

Traditional TV, Radio and Publishing without embracing the internet are out of business. You may not like or agree with this statement, but it doesn’t matter what you think, the internet has already won.

Over £5 billion* a year is spent on UK TV advertising. And when those adverts come on you pick up your phone or go to the loo.

Over the coming years, that money is going to go into things like social advertising. When it does, the current adverts you run on Facebook for £10 are going to cost you £100. The £6 promoted post on Instagram will be £60.

My advice – use this time to build your audiences where people’s attention is. Play to the platform’s strengths and create content that people want to see. Make the most of this underpriced audience and do it now.  

* March 2018


One thing that won’t change, that will never ever ever change, is as humans we like to hear stories. We remember stories and so if you concentrate on telling good stories, you stand half a chance. The platforms will change, new features will appear and we’ll need to evolve again, telling stories in different ways. But fortune will favour those who offer value to an audience, who are honest and who we can say are being human.

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