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TThe observer effect is a real issue for anyone wanting to create video content.

When people are ‘observed’ (/filmed) they change who they are.

You have a plan, in some cases even a script. The camera goes live and BOOM 💥 it all goes wrong.

– You start feeling all weird
– Your voice sounds wrong
– You think about anything BUT what you are supposed to be saying

And out pops the question…”Can we do that again?”

There are a few simple ways to help get around this fear…

  • Have a rough plan of what you want to achieve from your video but don’t make your script too tight. No script is often better. Just understand WHY you are filming what you are filming.
  • Hit that record button almost immediately, so you capture the ‘chat’ beforehand. Only tell them you’re filming after you’ve got the conversation going as people are less likely to change how they behave mid-film.
  • Film constantly, not in ‘takes’. The best moments are often captured in between the takes. Also, people start to relax if the camera is always rolling. They can’t keep up the act forever! 🤪
  • Get the person to look at the videographer rather than down the lens. It’s like talking to a wall otherwise…i.e. feels weird.
  • Get people talking ‘off topic’. They know this footage won’t go in the final edit so they start to relax. Then you can gently steer the conversation back to what you need.
  • Have fun. Honestly, the best videos I’ve ever made have been when I’m laughing my head off with clients. This should be fun after all! 

Hope that helps?!