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PPX Partnership was the first company in the UK to offer part exchange for new home builders but this was not compelling enough to allow them to acquire new customers.PXP needed an outbound campaign that would stand out. There are now many companies that offer part-exchange to the house building industry and in a market where there are so few decision-makers, they needed to break through the usual adverts and spammy emails to deliver a campaign that was far more personal.

Relationships are such an important factor in the new homes market and Steve who runs PXP is well regarded and liked by those who know him. But he is an introvert.

So we needed a campaign that showed Steve knows his market, can talk with more authority than others and that actually, he is not a pushy salesperson, but just a great guy to work with! (I can vouch for him on that one).

Part of PXP’s unique selling point is their personal approach. They are the only company to carry out personal home visits to all their customers, so we needed something that mirrored that and so a personal direct mail video sleave was created.

Project Summary:

– 27 video brochures sent
– ALL acknowledged they had seen and watched the video
– Resulted in 6 meetings
– 3 new clients
– ROI net profit of 13 X the investment

We have since followed up with personalised coffee and are looking to continue the approach of super-personalised content for 2020.

Quote from the client: “James’ creativity is matched by his understanding of business and he never loses sight of the objective, to make his clients money. He has enthusiasm in spades and has encouraged me to push the boundaries which has produced some amazing results”