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FFireward made the most of their biggest fans and let them do the talking.

Fireward and Reacton wanted more than a static quote on their website from a client. To have a client who was on-site on the day they were having a system fitted felt very ‘in the moment’ and honest.

This is part of a series of videos which uncover the people, the ethics and the journey Fireward & Reacton are on. Sam & Ed who run the group are some of the most ambitious people I’ve met and the energy and passion they have for their companies are infectious.

It seems that the same enthusiasm spills over into their customers and so to give balance to the content we created, we got the customer to do the talking. ‘Farming George’ as he is known, did this testimonial video without pre-scripting.

The result was an honest appraisal of the system and how he was feeling about it having just had a tour from the engineer.


– To bring testimonials to life
– Showcase a new market they were moving into (farm equipment)
– Create video content for Linkedin and their newsletter