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Human Video BOOTCAMP

Build the confidence and skills to make your own amazing videos


Learn the tools and techniques of how to create and edit videos for your brand.

Low cost, quality output

Keep your marketing costs down and your production quality high .


Make more regular content than before to keep those algorithms fed and audiences engaged.



Who are Human?

We’re a small team of 6 that have been making videos and branded content for years. Everything from brand stories to vlogs, YouTube videos to TikToks, we’ve done it all. But not all videos need big budgets, fancy cameras and a team of people. 

Don’t tell anyone, but some of our best-performing videos were created on a phone! 🤫

To find out more about us, you can watch the video below 👇

Challenges for marketers 🧐

  • Limited Budget – You also have PPC, SEO, PR, CRO and all the other acronyms to worry about. Getting up-skilled will allow you to do more with less.
  • You have ideas for videos but don’t know:
    • How to make them
    • Or lack the confidence to give it a go
    • Your video agencies can’t work in your business every day to capture those daily videos you need for social media. 
  • You want to create more ‘everyday’ content to feed those social platforms…they hungry!

The solution 👇

  • Teach marketers to do it themselves – Creatives often have to wear many hats but giving them the tools and knowledge is key to their success. Teach a marketer how to fish…and they’ll probably make you TikTok famous!
  • Learn the basics – From strategy to tactics
    • How to plan and come up with ideas
    • Plan a shoot
    • The key things you need to know when filming
    • Lighting, sound, editing basics and much, much more
  • PLUS extra juicy templates…so you can drop all your wonderful ideas in structured planning documents.

How much then guv'nr?

This will be the question you’ll be asked by the big cheese. And if you are the big cheese, look at it like this: You’re investing in your team, you’ll get waaaaay more exposure on social media and your video agency costs will be limited to the big projects as you’ll have the day-to-day content covered

  • £350
  • Includes access to any future modules added 
  • All worksheets and templates
  • Tasks set by the guys to get you started